Aftercare Instructions

How to care for your new tattoo.

Remove the Bandage

Carefully remove your bandage and any wrapping approximately 4-6 hours after finishing your tattoo.

Wash Your Tattoo

Wash your tattoo with soap and water. Just keep it simple with fragrance free good 'ol soap.

Pat Dry

Carefully pat your tattoo dry, don't wipe, to ensure you don't disturb the healing process.

Apply Ointment

Apply a tiny amount of ointment for NO LONGER THAN 3 DAYS.  Use A&D Ointment or Aquaphor.

Switch to Lotion

After no more than 3 days, switch from ointment to a very light lotion such as Cetaphil.

Lotion Up

Apply a light lotion 203 times / day until your tattoo is done flaking (usually 5-7 days).

Avoid these No-Go's

Avoid these no-go's until you're completely healed.

  • No Direct Sunlight
  • No Soaking or Swimming

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